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Key Features:
  • integrated relationships between genes/proteins and drugs/compounds
  • associated gene orthology information
  • structural formulas of compounds included
  • access to additional facts and details of the relation
  • intuitive interface for simple and advanced queries
  • customizable data contents
  • possibility to flag, comment and update relations
  • hyperlinks to the original sources
Drug2Gene is a multi-species integrative database unifying identified and reported relations between genes/proteins and drugs/compounds. By the means of innovative Metalife proprietary matching algorithm 18 public data stores (NCBI Gene, HGNC, CHEBI, CHEMBL, NCBI PubChem, DrugBank, IUPHAR, MICAD, Uniprot, and many more) have been unified and processed to non-redundantly associate and arrange valuable data.

It has been reported that drugs, diseases, and genes/proteins are the most frequently searched subjects for the purpose of drug development. However, the constant expand of information makes the process of research, locating, retrieving and structuring of relevant data extremely critical and time-consuming. To support the process of drug discovery also in the context of gene expression and mutation studies, Metalife Drug2Gene combines various knowledge for both direct and indirect drug-gene interactions in different organisms from different sources providing advanced options for diverse data management via a mutual GUI for simultaneous querying integrated information instead of concurrently quire numerous databases and then manually integrate the scattered information retrieved by multiple searches.

Drug2Gene is a reliable knowledge-base that helps predict new feasible unreported drug-gene correlations thanks to the gene orthology information, record and trace specific drug effects in response to a specific treatment or routines, organize and structure key experiment and analysis results in relation to available facts, map and integrate specific scientific knowledge about a drug/gene/protein by the ability to update and import relations, have a full-record library of any chemical-gene association in relation to any disease that is publicly available or is a discovery of yours.

Order installation of local copy of Drug2Gene!

Regarding experimental data confidentiality and the high volume of specific private records crucially substantial to modern scientific labs, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, we would like to inform you that besides the publicly accessible version of Drug2Gene, Metalife offers installation of local copy of Drug2Gene upon licensing. Ordering a local copy of the database benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Integration of your own proprietary data which will be simultaneously accessible for the entire Drug2Gene functionality, with orthology groups being de novo recalculated.
  • Customer oriented development and implementation of additional features ordered for the purposes of a specific study.
  • Considerably faster response times which means faster access to data and faster results retrieval.
  • Data security ensured by the management of all database sources locally in your organization's secured network and impossibility of competitor companies to track down your scientists' searches, queries, exports, or any set of information revealing your interests.