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Key Features:
  • project-based model for EST clustering and contig assembly
  • integrated algorithms for sequence masking, filtering, vector removal, pairwise alignments, clustering, assembly and annotation
  • intelligent wizard-based graphical user interfaces
  • comprehensive vizualization of results
  • sophisticated management of results
EST clustering tool
Metalife EST Clustering Tool is built to contribute to users' automatic contig assembly, annotation and visualization. It may be used also as a research tool because it contains integrated data sets like predefined nematode ESTs and others.

Metalife EST Clustering Tool gives the ability to join results that are executed with different parameters together with visualization in the same results' pane and to map the results of the EST clustering and assembly process to a desired genome, which is previously imported or predefined. The results of the user's projects are organized in a hierarchical tree of projects with subdivisions. Every project may be shared with other users that are logged in the Metalife software system.

Metalife EST Clustering Tool employs algorithms for sequence masking, filtering, vector removal, pairwise alignments, clustering, assembly and annotation of clusters with gene ontologies. By setting the system permissions it is possible to allow the user to create own jobs and manage other users' pipelines.

Our primary concern in developing Metalife EST Clustering Tool was usability. An inexperienced user must be able to get familiar and work with the tool in a short time. For this reason, the interface is wizard-based, which offers a great help in the process of decision-making. It is intuitive and close to the one of most commonly used desktop applications. The wizard mode provides an easy way to create a job with algorithms for EST clustering and assembly. The sophisticated context menus speed up the work and thus save lots of time for our customers as well. The user interface designers at Metalife are investing time and resources for implementing the EST Clustering Tool in the best way, thus keeping up with the standards for the interface usability.

Order installation of local copy of EST Clustering Tool!

Metalife offers installation of local copy of its products upon licensing. Ordering a local copy benefits private users with the following extra advantages:

  • Data security ensured by the management of all analyses and sources locally in your organization's secured network.
  • Impossibility of competitor companies to track down your searches in public resources and reveal your interests.
  • Custom development of project specific GUI features, new functionalities, DB sources.
  • Completely new decisions implementation upon request.